Ironman 1* racing mermaid 0*

So sad to say it was a DNF for me yesterday. I did not make the bike cut off. I think i was about 10 miles from transition.  

The swim

I was a lil nervous  for the first half of the first Loop. Then I started to get into my groove going slow and steady. My garmin has my time at 1:21. Not too shabby 

The bike

In the end the elevation won.

What went wrong

  1. I did not pack my electrolytes or anti fatigue caps for my 1st loop. I put them in my morning bag then forgot to put them on my bike! And that was a bad deal for the 90-plus degree weather we are riding in.
  2. I use sustained energy and heed in a multi hour bottle for my nutrition. I dropped it at about mile 20. So there i was….
  3. At special needs I didn’t take the proper time to mix my 2nd bottle of nutrition 
  4. Due to the above I was not properly fueled and was taking in fuel that i hadn’t trained with

*next time have a back-up plan*

What went right

  1. I had a wonderful training partner in noteworthyrunning . We spent countless hours together training/planning/ talking. I have made a great friend from this. 
  2. I feel like we put in the time and we were physically ready
  3. I have a wonderful support system of family, friends, and work family. So many I cannot thank them all for the texts/phone calls/facebook messages.
  4. I was able to grieve the loss of my dad in a healthy way
  5. I learned a lot about myself on this journey. I learned a lot more about what’s truly important to me.

Where do I go from here?

I plan to finish out my year of racing with some local runs. Possibly a half marathon in September and possibly a spartan race in October.

I am not done with triathlons or ironmans forever,but I’m ready for a lil break. 

I would like to lose some weight (about 40 pounds). So be looking for more Posts on that journey!

In ten short years my son will be 19 and out living his young life. It will be just me and the hubs then…..plenty of time to donate to ironman. Right? Who knows. I could change my mind next week. 

Here are a couple pics from the early morning yesterday

I do know I want redemption from ironman CDA.  I will take on that course again. I will finish that course. Just not today, probably not next year, and maybe not the year after that. But I will get you ironman couer d’Alene 

Ironman CDA prelude part 2

Friday August 19th

We started out the morning with some pool play and breakfast at the hotel. Then we were off to the athlete village again. We brought our beach gear, and we are both a lil burnt now.

Beautiful. man, this town is beautiful!

^^^^^^^my ironman motto^^^^^^

We found ourselves a spot on the beach. Took a quick swim with 🐝 while the kiddos played 

Here are some pics from our day.

Enjoy…….I did. Having mermaidsson with me certainly helps to keep my mind busy. Since he is always in motion.

I got to have some sushi for lunch. And cole had……well basically  whatever his heart desired 

We went for a walk on the boardwalk. Put in ALOT of steps today, like seriously! 

This sign is the best!

I had a tiny yet super embarrassing bike mess up at the campground…….

I worked on my bags (I will write a more detailed packing list post race)

The bike and the run bags are to be turned in on saturday



And done:)

Tomorrow is the kids ironman and bike check in……..

More time for this mermaid to swim for fun!

Ironman CDA-prelude part 1

Wednesday August 17th
My work crew showered me with well wishes and gifts. My training bestie gave me a lil mermaid inspiration 

Here are some pics

I was feeling on cloud nine.

I also started my race day boost on Wednesday it has become my MOST FAVORITE supplement this race season. U can read more about it here . And ofcourse click the link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> For 15% off ur 1st order

Thursday August 18

the mermaidsson and I head up to couer d’Alene for athlete check in and some time at silverwood. A lil mom and son time. It’s needed and I miss him.

I have bribed him with 2 pairs of Nike elite socks (why are these a big deal?). In return he needs to be my “helper”…… day 1 has gone well. He stood in line with me while I did athlete check in, and sat through the hour long athlete briefing. He received alot of compliments on his hair which of course made him happy πŸ˜†

I decorated our cars for the trip

And I packed my car full of whatever tri gear I “thought” I might need.

Took some goofy pics with the mermaidsson 

Ths kid❀❀❀❀

We were off.  A short walk to athlete check in and more pics. I can’t even describe to u the energy…….the high. All the weeks of training leading up to this feeling. I’m on cloud nine. I’m at the brink of tears. I’m high on the energy of others. Their good vibes rubbing off on me. Their excitement breeding mine. Couer d’Alene is absolutely beautiful.  I want to live here………like seriously

The bag and the swag

Can’t forget! We also paid a visit to 

SILVERWOOD . My son gets a free ticket for reading through his school so ofcourse we had to go!

Then it was dinner and back to the hotel.  I met a gentleman at the pool,  this will be his 6th cda ironman. He wanted to make sure I knew about the hills (oh sweet jesus…….I know all about them……). He’s done many other full ironmans. My mermaidsson showed off his best Micheal Phelps moves at the pool.  That boy…..he’s got some charisma that’s for sure❀❀❀❀

Why are you doing this?Β 

Yeah I was asked that today.  But genuinely,  like the person really wanted to know, what would drive a person to do an ironman.. I obviously do not look like your “typical” triathlete. 

I’m “heavy” but I’m strong.  I think it throws people off. Anyways……..

Why am I doing this? Here they are in no particular order

  1. Well I don’t think I would be right now, but Circumstance and crossfit brought the  πŸ (noteworthyrunningand I together.  Which brought about  an idea for one small triathalon that turned into 3 half ironmans which then turned into this full ironman.
  2. This has helped me tremendously with the grief and guilt I feel for my father’s death
  3. It  burns of “my crazy”
  4. I have never been more comfortable in my own head than I am now
  5. I have found I am truly capable of anything I put my mind to. 
  6. I am closer to my authentic self than I have ever been

I love to push my self to the point where others would say “no more”-maybe I am masochistic? 

There are a million other reasons, far to deep for a fluffy blog post. I guess it will be amazing to show  others what can be accomplished when you set your mind to something. What a mom/wife/RN can do with 20 “extra” hours a week.

  I so badly want to feel that accomplishment. 

“Will it ever be enough? ” I get asked that alot too. My answer “no”. I’m not happy just living a “day in day out” life.  I need change. I need adventure. I need dreams. 

That’s what keeps me going in life

Peace lovers 😚 5 more sleeps

6 more sleepsΒ 


Is that it?

All the early mornings 

All the planning,prepping, work,work,work.

This weekend on our long ride I was mentally saying goodbye. Goodbye to the cows that stare at us. Goodbye to the funny bushes shaped like a penis. Goodbye weird locusts that invade the rode and eat their dead buddies (I’m serious. It’s disgusting). Goodbye 4 a.m. wake ups. Goodbye tracking time (……20mins down time to drink…..40 minutes down time for nutrition…..ect ect ect). Goodbye 730 pm bedtime. Goodbye part-time job (training for ironman). And finally goodbye to my ironman summer.

And hello to hell week (aka the taper). I feel like I am less grouchy so far this week.

Week 2 taper looks like this


T-trainer 45 min

W-run 5mi

Th-cda (swim 1600) Athlete check in and briefing

Fri- bike 30 minutes

Sat-mermaidson is doing the iron kids race. I may bike another 20 min or hop in the water with my badass training bestie.  Have to check in bike and bike/run bags

Sun-wake up early. kick ass. Become ironman. …..go get drunk and tattooed

Just kidding……..kinda.

What are your thoughts on the m-dot tattoos? 

IM CDA 2 weeks out!

Took it fairly easy this last week. I mean what am I really gonna gain at this point? Here are some training pics

Just trying to keep it all together as this week is going to be very busy at work ! My lil #mermaidson will be doing the children’s local triathlon this Saturday.

I’m starting to think about PIDS (post ironman depression syndrome). But don’t worry…..I will be fine 😘

I have a great support system 

Have a great week lovelies 

July miles and pics of LONGEST BIKE EVER!!!

I’m totally lol while I write that…..

Sunday after the ride. Some much needed relax time with my mermaidsson 

Have u met this girl? my 🐝 she has listened to me babble on for hours about: life, family, friends, drug addiction, addiction in general, movies, music, books, philosophy, how im going to change the world (lol),religion, and everything in between.  I’m emotionally just writing this as nobody gets “it” right now. But she does because she’s right here with me. Keeping our priorities to the necessary at this point in time. Working husbands kiddos training (in no particular order).


U got to love how all my tri gear has taken up the kitchen table………