Wellness check in 2/13/19

I saw my wellness coach today and the numbers are in. No pounds lost, but .5 ” off my waist and .5″ off my hip.

Best part is?! Carbs 😜 And all the ones I love➑️ banans apples & oranges. Nobody shaming me for not dropping 5 pounds in a week. And definitely not in a public forum.

I have not been really good with taking food pics but here are some

Incase you are interested I am following a whole foods plant based eating. I get weighed and measured every 2 weeks. Check out their Facebook page HERE

I am about 80/20 with this.

I am NOT trying to lose weight. Yes, that would be a perk. I’m looking for something that is long term, sustainable, and helps to heal my body. Sooooooo yeah!


But all joking aside I have years and years of negative self talk and disordered eating to combat here. I cannot just undo 20 years in a month. So, I’m taking it at my pace. With myπŸ‘ smallπŸ‘ sustainableπŸ‘ choices.

I am on day 4 of race prep phase. So IM CDA 70.3 here I come. I use TRI-DOT as my training platform, and I absolutely love it. More on their training program to come.

With a little marathon and a small spartan trifecta sprinkled in there 😜


Assessment week

This last week was assessment week. I use the coaching program TriDot .

I currently use it for triathlon training, but they do marathons too!!!

There are many reasons why I use this program. But let’s look @ the numbers!



Raw pace= 2:00/100m

SwimDot= 44

Threshold 100m= 2:20

Raw time for 400m= 8:03


Raw pace= 1:54/100m

Swim Dot= 53

Threshold 100m= 2:00

Raw time For 400m= 7:38

Improvement of 22 seconds off my 400 time.

We know swimming is my favorite. I literally was not in the pool at all in between assessments as I just didn’t have the $ for pool fees.

Okay so we get that I love the water. But still the gains were there just from my other activities.



Bike Dot = 51

15 mile time trial on indoor trainer = 44:56

Threshold = 147

Power = 151


Bike Dot = 56

15 mile time trial on indoor trainer = 44:10

Threshold = 162

Power = 162

Improvements made in overall time/heart rate/projected power

The bike is hard but just because of amount of time in saddle plus I am not all that great at it πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ



Run Dot = 15

5k time trial = 39:32

Pace = 12:45


Run Dot = 14

5k time trial = 40:22

Pace = 13:01

Okay so I definitely did not improve here. But I am chalking it up to a few things.

  1. Weather- it was significantly colder and windier than my previous try. Had to change to a hillier route
  2. Health- I was just getting over a chest cold
  3. My own serious LACK of dedication and training
  4. I SUCK at running, I am so slow!

Being sick the week before assessments I was not expecting any improvements.

I also know that race prep for IRONMAN CDA 70.3 starts tomorrow, so I’ve been slacking 😏😏😏.

Tomorrow starts my race prep phase so I am ready to kick it into high gear and show what Tri Dot can really do for me in CDA.

I will keep you updated on next assessmentsπŸ˜‹

10 Things That Made Me Grateful Last Month

  1. A loving/ understanding husband
  2. My spunky > crazy >loving > emotional kiddo
  3. The best momma ever
  4. A job_that leaves me feeling fulfilled, appreciated, and like i’m part of the team
  5. The essentials food water and a nice warm house
  6. The bestest girlfriends ANYONE could ever ask for
  7. The ability to put my body through hard things
  8. A car that no longer has PAYMENTS πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
  9. That spring is supposed to come early!
  10. Rain> because w/o it….. no flowers would grow

2019 Wellness check in 3

Today I had a check in and measurement with my wellness coach

Full transparency here……

The stats

Neck= 15 ”

Right arm= 13 3/4




Right thigh=20 3/4

😞😞😞ek… ..

The pic are…..πŸ˜‘forgot pics

Food for the week was prepped on sunday so delicious.!!!!

Lots of baked veggies, homemade hummus, swiss chard and pear salad, and good ol pan baked chick peas!!!

So my mom would say to me that “comparison is the thief of joy”. And ya know what? It is.

This is my journey and mine alone.

Doing what I feel is right for my body and soul. I’m glad my coach Darrah is so awesome and helpful.

Reminding me that this is my journey. I definitely have some repairing to do with my altered relationship with food. A short term fad diet is not going to do that for me.

I need to always remeber that my body is amazing. It does things that most women could only dream of. I DO HARD SHIT! My body fights cancer, rides bikes, swims, runs, and climb’s hills. Honor this body. Love it

2nd race report 2019- Freeze your Fanny 5K

I was going to start this blog by comparing 2016 me to 2019 me. Then comparing that to 2013 me.

But really?!

Is that fair to my self? I could show you how far I’ve come sine 2013⬇️⬇️ only to have been sidelined to where I am now.

But this is it. Take it or leave it. I did not place. Matter of fact I was almost last place.

But I got out thereπŸ’œ by myself for myselfπŸ’œ. I pushed as hard as I could and turned it into a 1:30 training run.

I finished in over 41 minutes.

But like I’ve said #theyearofthemermaid is upon us




2013 2014? 2016


So there it is #2 for the year

10 things

10 of my favorite childhood memories

  1. Yellowstone
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico
  4. Balize
  5. Camping with my mom and our friends
  6. Traveling volleyball
  7. Fostering so many littles – although difficult it was rewarding
  8. Dad coaching my softball team
  9. The easy summers at the clarkston pool
  10. ABBA