10 Things – it’s a Sunday Thing

10 things u may not know about me …….. according to my husband. This weeks edition😎5 things I like and 5 things I hate. Tom knows best right?

“5 Things

U love.

Family, training for races, camping, listening to drama and wine

5 Things

U hate. Big crowds, work, folding clothes, rude people and our neighbors.”

HA! You got me babe, down to a T, he knows me.

Full disclosure 🤷‍♀️ I like my job, I’d just rather b at home all day and get paid. And 🤞my neighbors wont read this……I’m not even sure they can read……..

2019 Wellness

I am doing a burpee challenge I made up. 10 burpees for 10 days , 20 for 20 days and so on…… so join me! Following my marathon training plan and monday I will blend with tri training.

Are you ready for some embarrassing photos?

Going to aim for some weekly updates and photos to track my progress.

I am trying to eat whole foods plant based . So don’t try to sell me your shakes or your keto. Finding what works for me- my body-and healing.

Needless to say the mixture of med changes, depression, and going through an early menopause has not been super helpful. The pounds have piled on but I’m stronger than those problems

Annoying blurry pic but u get it.

✌2018 thanks for the growth.

1st Race Report of 2019

I am not afraid to admit it. 2018 was a rough one. I changed jobs 3 times. I started and stopped workout and nutrition regimens multiple times. But I grew. Personally, professionally, and emotionally.

So how about we start 2019 off right? 4 miles in the Run bank!!! The Seaport Striders put on a fun run/walk. No awards No chip timing Just good old running fun. What made it better? A friend joined me and she is an amazing runner***don’t let her tell you otherwise***

Free Hugs????? Yes I got one. Cuz who doesn’t need a hug?? Especially in 27 degree weather???

The Stats::: So it was a lot more of a walk than a run for me……. 4 miles, 59:57 pace 15 min mile…. plenty of room for improvement

I will post my race calendar on my facebook page and my inst so link up with me!!!