2nd race report 2019- Freeze your Fanny 5K

I was going to start this blog by comparing 2016 me to 2019 me. Then comparing that to 2013 me.

But really?!

Is that fair to my self? I could show you how far I’ve come sine 2013⬇️⬇️ only to have been sidelined to where I am now.

But this is it. Take it or leave it. I did not place. Matter of fact I was almost last place.

But I got out there💜 by myself for myself💜. I pushed as hard as I could and turned it into a 1:30 training run.

I finished in over 41 minutes.

But like I’ve said #theyearofthemermaid is upon us




2013 2014? 2016


So there it is #2 for the year

1st Race Report of 2019

I am not afraid to admit it. 2018 was a rough one. I changed jobs 3 times. I started and stopped workout and nutrition regimens multiple times. But I grew. Personally, professionally, and emotionally.

So how about we start 2019 off right? 4 miles in the Run bank!!! The Seaport Striders put on a fun run/walk. No awards No chip timing Just good old running fun. What made it better? A friend joined me and she is an amazing runner***don’t let her tell you otherwise***

Free Hugs????? Yes I got one. Cuz who doesn’t need a hug?? Especially in 27 degree weather???

The Stats::: So it was a lot more of a walk than a run for me……. 4 miles, 59:57 pace 15 min mile…. plenty of room for improvement

I will post my race calendar on my facebook page and my inst so link up with me!!!