Wellness check in 2/13/19

I saw my wellness coach today and the numbers are in. No pounds lost, but .5 ” off my waist and .5″ off my hip.

Best part is?! Carbs 😜 And all the ones I love➡️ banans apples & oranges. Nobody shaming me for not dropping 5 pounds in a week. And definitely not in a public forum.

I have not been really good with taking food pics but here are some

Incase you are interested I am following a whole foods plant based eating. I get weighed and measured every 2 weeks. Check out their Facebook page HERE

I am about 80/20 with this.

I am NOT trying to lose weight. Yes, that would be a perk. I’m looking for something that is long term, sustainable, and helps to heal my body. Sooooooo yeah!


But all joking aside I have years and years of negative self talk and disordered eating to combat here. I cannot just undo 20 years in a month. So, I’m taking it at my pace. With my🍑 small🍑 sustainable🍑 choices.

I am on day 4 of race prep phase. So IM CDA 70.3 here I come. I use TRI-DOT as my training platform, and I absolutely love it. More on their training program to come.

With a little marathon and a small spartan trifecta sprinkled in there 😜


10 Things – it’s a Sunday Thing

10 things u may not know about me …….. according to my husband. This weeks edition😎5 things I like and 5 things I hate. Tom knows best right?

“5 Things

U love.

Family, training for races, camping, listening to drama and wine

5 Things

U hate. Big crowds, work, folding clothes, rude people and our neighbors.”

HA! You got me babe, down to a T, he knows me.

Full disclosure 🤷‍♀️ I like my job, I’d just rather b at home all day and get paid. And 🤞my neighbors wont read this……I’m not even sure they can read……..

The Year of the Mermaid

What a year it has been.

I started the year off switching jobs, battling cervical cancer, and recovering from multiple surgeries.

Needless to say, it was a year of growth. I learned so much about myself. I switched jobs 3 times in the last year! I am happy to say I am finally back to where I belong.

So share this blog and follow along with me on this journey back to the Racing Mermaid I once was.