2019 Wellness check in 3

Today I had a check in and measurement with my wellness coach

Full transparency here……

The stats

Neck= 15 ”

Right arm= 13 3/4




Right thigh=20 3/4

😞😞😞ek… ..

The pic are…..πŸ˜‘forgot pics

Food for the week was prepped on sunday so delicious.!!!!

Lots of baked veggies, homemade hummus, swiss chard and pear salad, and good ol pan baked chick peas!!!

So my mom would say to me that “comparison is the thief of joy”. And ya know what? It is.

This is my journey and mine alone.

Doing what I feel is right for my body and soul. I’m glad my coach Darrah is so awesome and helpful.

Reminding me that this is my journey. I definitely have some repairing to do with my altered relationship with food. A short term fad diet is not going to do that for me.

I need to always remeber that my body is amazing. It does things that most women could only dream of. I DO HARD SHIT! My body fights cancer, rides bikes, swims, runs, and climb’s hills. Honor this body. Love it

2019 Wellness

I am doing a burpee challenge I made up. 10 burpees for 10 days , 20 for 20 days and so on…… so join me! Following my marathon training plan and monday I will blend with tri training.

Are you ready for some embarrassing photos?

Going to aim for some weekly updates and photos to track my progress.

I am trying to eat whole foods plant based . So don’t try to sell me your shakes or your keto. Finding what works for me- my body-and healing.

Needless to say the mixture of med changes, depression, and going through an early menopause has not been super helpful. The pounds have piled on but I’m stronger than those problems

Annoying blurry pic but u get it.

✌2018 thanks for the growth.